God is still revealing Himself in supernatural ways in this day and age. Journey into the realm of His end-time revelations 

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  • Journeys to heaven and hell
  • Angelic visitations
  • Modern-day prophecies
  • Near-death experiences
  • Prophetic dreams

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The Alpha and the Omega:

I am coming very soon!

Jesus has consistently been instructing those who have personally seen Him to tell the world that He is coming very soon. It is clear that these are the end times; we are the generation that will experience the second coming of the King of Kings. Decide now who you will serve.
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Choo Thomas

17 Visits to Heaven

Choo Thomas was chosen by the Lord Jesus to write His end-time book called "Heaven is so REAL". For this purpose, Choo, in her transformed spirit body, was carried up to heaven 17 times. She describes in graphic detail what is in store for God's children in heaven (fishing and cooking, boat riding, living in one's own mansion, and many more). The book is now an international bestseller with more than half a million copies sold. Jesus wants His children to be excited as they will soon be living in the place He has prepared for them. Of shocking importance though is Jesus' warning that many of those attending church will not make it to heaven. Choo is given a vision of the very soon coming rapture of the saints, and warns those left behind to endure the great tribulation to never take the mark of the beast 666.
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Mary K Baxter

40 visits to Hell

The world and even the church lacks a clear picture of what Hell is really like. After reading this account, you will be amazed at how foolish men and women have been to have chosen Hell as their final place to spend eternity. Witness and hear the longings of Hell's inhabitants as Jesus and Mary visit them from pit to pit and from cell to cell. You will be shocked to find out that in addition to devil worshipers, worldly souls, and unbelieving sinners, many church goers and pastors are in this place of eternal torment. Hell is revealed to be shaped like a human body with many forms and levels of torment. Watch out for the fun center.
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Roland Buck

Angelic visitations in Boise, Idaho

If Choo Thomas is to visits to Heaven and Mary K. Baxter is to visits to Hell, then Roland Buck is to Angelic visitations. By far Roland Buck has been visited by angels the most number of times among modern-day believers, and has had the most in-depth discussions with them. Not only are the beings who have visited him angels, they are the very archangels of God Almighty themselves. You will also meet Chrioni, a captain of the Lord's army, and hear of his adventures with the Israelits of old. The account includes a throne room visit, where God reveals to Roland astounding secrets and 120 prophetic events. This is regarded to be the number 1 book on angelic encounters. Just remember, if God sends Gabriel, He must have something of prime importance to tell.

Bill Wiese

23 Minutes in Hell

With no warning at all, Bill Wiese instantly found himself in a cell in hell as one of the souls forever trapped to face an eternity apart from God and all the comforts and joys of His blessings. He enters not as a passive observer but as one experiencing the torment and torture first hand. Reading this account will make make each soul think twice before spending one more day, hour or minute without the assurance of salvation that can only be received through the blood of Jesus Christ.
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Ricardo Cid

8 Hours in Heaven

God is raising up a mighty army of saints from every region of the world. Ricardo Cid one day has a dream in which God asks him to quit his job in order to carry out a special mission for His church.  Upon obeying God's call, Ricardo experiences the roller coaster ride of his life, which eventually leads him to a wonderful visit to the heavenly realms. Ricardo is also shown a vision of what it is like to miss the coming rapture of the saints. 
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Angelica Zambrano

23 Hours in Hell & Heaven

Angelica sought God and was rewarded with great and mighty revalation. But to receive it, she had to literally die for almost an entire day. Jesus reveals to her untold secrets of the afterlife: including the final abode of famous people who have recently died. Guess where Michael Jackson is today? If you only knew, you wouldn't follow after his tracks. Repent or ye shall all likewise perish!
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Youtube video
Youtube video
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Bernarda Fernandez

Journeys to Hell and Heaven

Bernarda was shown both hell and heaven. In hell she met a man she knew named Alexander. Jesus tells her that there is no purgatory, nor is Mary the queen of heaven. She is also shown several Latin American countries and their spiritual states. Jesus wants 100% Christians. Bernarda is shown the venue for the upcoming Marriage Supper of the Lamb; we are warned to keep our robes spotless. Unbelievers, Christians, and preachers of God's word should seriously take heed of what the Lord has to say to them. Holiness unto the Lord!  
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Former Buddhist

Dies and sees Hell

There is indeed only one way to heaven. A devout Buddhist monk dies and finds himself looking into hell. There he is surprised to see people he looked up to burning in torment in a lake of fire - including Buddha himself. He is given the privelege of meeting Peter, who tells him to go back to earth and warn people of hell: All those who worship Buddha and pray to monks will go to hell. Everyone who doesn't believe in Jesus Christ will go to hell. After three days, he rises from the dead. Prior to his death, he had no exposure to Christianity. He, however, comes back to life with knowledge of the Bible that confirms the authenticity of his experience.  
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Bob Jones

Near-Death Experience

Bob Jones is a prophet of God who had a near-death experience. He was shown hell and heaven.  
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For more, visit www.bobjones.org

Jannet Balderas Canela

Visions of the rapture and tribulation

An 8-year-old girl testifies of her personal encounter with Jesus Christ. She experiences visions of the rapture and tribulation, visits the the holy city, and sees the thrones of God and satan. Mary has an appeal to mankind - "Do not worship me!".  
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Victoria Nehale

A Friendly Reminder

Victoria's visits to hell remind us of the importance of living a life of complete purity from all types of sin, whether they be big or small. Unpaid debts, cheating, stealing and laziness must all be weeded out of our lives. Can we lose our salvation? Judge for yourselves.  
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For more, visit www.timeisrunningout.org

Brani Duyon

Six messages from Jesus

Brani, a Malaysian church elder, suffered a stroke and was taken to heaven. He received six important messages from Jesus.  
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For more, visit www.choothomas.com

Rogelio Mills

Hell and the Living Dead

Brother Rogelio Mills was taken by Jesus Christ to visit Hell and the Living Dead. Regelio was also given a prophetic message regarding the nearness of the rapture. His book "While Out of My Body I Saw God, Hell, and the Living Dead!" is now a bestseller.  
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Samuel Doctorian

Prophetic Vision of Coming Judgements

In June 1998 at the island of Patmos, Samuel Doctorian was visited by 5 angels, from the 5 continents of the world, and was shown visions of the judgements God will pour out on each of the continents: natural disasters, catastrophes, financial crisis, the death of millions, war and bloodshed, famine, drought, floods and earthquakes. Yet in the midst of these events, a great harvest is also coming. The Lord declares: The final day has come. Judgement day is here. My love has been refused; now My anger has come.  
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7 Colombian Youths

Visits to Heaven and Hell

Jesus appears to 7 Colombian youths assembled in a room and takes them on a tour to hell and heaven. In Hell, they saw a famous singer in flames, the terrible torment at the center of hell, Christians who lived double lives, a man who murdered six people, a lake of fire with millions of souls crying and begging the Lord to have mercy on them, a drunkard, a lady thief, a boiling lagoon for liars and gossipers, a tithe thief, doll-looking demons, flesh-boring worms, a fornicator being penetrated by a thorny snake, those who did not give the Lord's tithes and offerings, people hanging off hooks, a vain beauty-obsessed woman, dancers who loved worldly music, people being stabbed, and a young man who lived a normal life.  
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7 Colombian Youths

Visit to Heaven

In heaven, they saw horses, deer, fish, the tree, river, and book of life, gold, precious stones, aborted children, grass, a valley of flowers, the wedding banquet table, cloth for robes of the redeemed, a reception hall, grapes, a huge golden cross, Mary, King David dancing, a city, residences, containers for tears, guardian angels, communion-with-God flowers, a castle, and Abraham, among others.  
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Bishop "Earthquake" Kelley

The Mystery of Paradise

Bishop Kelley died and met his murdered son in paradise (Program host: Perry Stone of Manna Fest).
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Walter Hallam

Recent Death Revelation by Jesus

Walter Hallam lost his daughter in a plane crash. Jesus then reveals to him the reason why some obedient Christians die "prematurely". (Program host: Perry Stone of Manna Fest).
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Yong Thang

A testimony from Myanmar

Rev. Yong Thang became seriously ill and died. He was saw angels, hell, heaven, and Jesus. Jesus told him to go back to earth to win more souls for Him. Jesus said He is coming very soon.
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Heidi Hollis

Jesus is no joke

A paranormal-events researcher yet skeptic of holy visions turns into a crusader for Jesus when during one afternoon nap, she has a “road-to-Damascus” encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Heidi has personally met Jesus four times, has been miraculously healed, has been shown heaven and hell, and was given, among numerous tips to living a meaningful & victorious life, a secret to effective prayer. She describes Jesus’ supreme love for us, pain to see the consequences of sin and yearning to come back to earth.  
Web page
Web page
For more, visit www.jesusisnojoke.com

Mormon Lady Goes to HELL

In Hell for Smoking, Gossip, Make-up, Adornments - Adelaida de Carrillo

Pastors, non-tithers in Hell - Kim Yong Doo

Young Korean Girl Goes To Hell And Lives To Tell The Tale: What She Saw

Raised from the dead - Daniel Ekechukwu (Heaven and Hell Testimony)

Mahesh Chavda - A Hindu's Testimony

Anna Roundtree - The Heaven's Opened

MOST people will end up in Hell

PROOF The Tribulation Starts NOW

PROOF! The End of the World is NOW!

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